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Pest Control

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10068 Dyna-Gro Pure Neem Oil 8 oz

Price: 9.90

Pure Neem Oil 8 oz By Dyna Gro

  • Neem Oil targets over 400 varieties of insects and is an important part of an Integrated Pest Management strategy.
  • This foliar spray is 100% pure oil from the neem tree. It is a biodegradable, fast-acting insect bio-inhibitor.
  • Oil is absorbed by the pests and interferes with reproduction and feeding for a steady decline in population.
  • Dyna-gro neem oil is first cold pressed from the Neem seed.
  • Treat fungus
Applications rates:
  • Mix 1 tsp of neem oil and 1/2 tsp of liquid dish soap to 1 quart of water, or 4 tsp of neem oil and 2 tsp of liquid dish soap to 1 gallon of water. Shake well (neem oil mixes easier with warm water). Spray the diluted solution generously on all the leaf surfaces.

10073 Total Release PCO Fogger 5 oz With Pyrethrins

Price: 7.90

Total Release PCO Fogger Pest Control

  • The Total Release Fogger will release enough pyrethrin pesticide to clear a 5,000 cubic foot space.
  • PCO Fogger controls several species of insects including aphids, fungus gnats, spider mites, mealybugs and whiteflies, quickly and easily.
  • We have found PCO Fogger to be very effective against spider mites. See label for additional insects controlled.
  • PCO Fogger is designed for use in food or non food areas in homes, restaurants, industrial buildings, schools and warehouses.
  • Gardeners just remove the lid, depress the button and leave the scene.
To Operate Valve:
  • To lock valve in open position for automatic discharge, press valve button all the way down, hooking the catch.
  • Then place fogger on stand or table in the center of the room with valve locked open, placing several layers of newspaper or pad under fogger.
  • Leave building at once and keep building closed for two hours before airing out. Open all doors and windows and allow to air for one-half hour.
  • Repeat spraying in two weeks or when necessary.
  • 0.10% Esfenvalerate, 0.04% ETOC®, 0.60% Nylar®
  • Nylar® is a revolutionary broad-based Insect Growth Regulator that arrests the development of pre-adult insects, preventing reproduction.
  • ETOC® - a dynamic new synthetic pyrethroid with exceptional flushing, knockdown and killing properties.

10104 Safer Houseplant Insect Killer

Price: 7.20

Safer Houseplant Insect Killer

  • Safer Houseplant Insect Killer is made with botanical pyrethrins derived from chrysanthemum flowers and is certified by the Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI).
  • Gentle misting spray kills aphids, whiteflies, scale, spider mites, mealybugs and thrips, just to name a few.
  • Contains no CFCs.

10105 Safer Insect Killing Soap 32 oz

Price: 8.20

Safer Insect Killing Soap

  • Safer Brand Insect Killing Soap is a good solution for tough insect pest infestations.
  • It works as a contact insecticide and has no residual effect.
  • Gardeners thoroughly spray the Insect Killing Soap onto their plants every 7 to 10 days and apply at least three times to break the pests' reproductive cycle.
Insects found indoors.
  • Spider mites
  • Thrips
  • Fungus gnats

10106 Organica K+ Neem Quart Natural Insecticide

Price: 9.90

Organica K+ Neem Quart 32 Oz, Natural Insecticide

  • K+ Neem is a natural insecticide made from the seeds of the Indian neem tree.
  • This effective insecticide works on contact, killing aphids, cabbage loopers, Japanese beetles, spider mites and many more.
  • Solution is water-based, nonflammable, alcohol-free and a great choice for gardeners looking for natural insect control.
  • Safe to use on produce until the day of harvest.
Using Neem
  • Another option for natural pest control is neem oil, such as Einstein Oil or K-Neem. Mix it up fresh before each use, and spray 80 percent under the leaves and 20 percent on top.
  • In India, you can find neem oil in their toothpaste, shampoo, soap, and many other cosmetic and personal hygiene products.
  • It is safe to use up to the week of harvest.
  • Check the directions before using, but you normally use 3 applications about 7 days apart.
  • I found out the hard way neem does not work on thrips, but it is effective against mites and fungus gnats.

10156 Doktor Doom Total Release Fogger 3 oz

Price: 9.50

Doktor Doom Total Release Fogger 3 oz

  • Stock a Doktor Doom Total Release Fogger in your pest-control arsenal for a doctor that’s oncall 24-hours a day.
  • The active ingredient, pyrethrin, is derived from hrysanthemums and proven to successfully control spider mites, aphids, whiteflies, fungus gnats, and more.
  • This fogger is safe for use in greenhouses and indoor gardens, around all plants including fruits, vegetables, and ornamentals.
  • 3-ounce can treats a 3,000 cubic foot area.
  • No restriction as to where it can be sold (Does not carry a COMMERCIAL REGISTRATION)
  • Safe to use up to a couple of days before harvest
  • No need for safety goggles, respirators, gloves etc.
  • Safe to re-enter treated areas in one hour.
  • pH balanced formula without any perfumes or attarsideal for those with post production of essential oils
  • No phyto-toxicity to plants provided product is used as directed on the label.

10160 Sticky Traps Aphid Whitefly 5 pack

Price: 5.59

Sticky Traps Aphid Whitefly 5 pack

  • These 4" x 7" Sticky Traps unfold to expose nontoxic adhesive on both sides to cover approximately 30 square inches per trap.
  • The Aphid/Whitefly traps are yellow to entice aphids, whiteflies, leafhoppers, froghoppers, moths, and more.
Product Description:
  • Protect plants from whiteflies, aphids and other flying insects.
  • Lasts all season, even in rain, or until completely coated with insects or dust.
  • Peel trap apart, reverse fold, sticky side out.
  • Hang with supplied twist-tie from branch or stake at plant level.
  • Place traps every 7' or at end of each row. For badly infested plants, shake plant gently and flies will swarm a few moments before they fly to your nearby trap like iron filings to a magnet.
  • Thrips, leaf miners, gnats, fruitflies, leafhoppers and froghoppers are also attracted to these traps.

10226 Sluggo Slug & Snail Bait 2.5 lb

Price: 18.99

Sluggo Slug & Snail Bait 2.5 lbs

  • Unlike other snail and slug controls, Sluggo uses iron phosphate instead of metaldehyde.
  • Naturally found in soil, unused iron phosphate acts as a fertilizer.
  • After ingestion, slugs and snails cease feeding and die in 3-6 days.
  • Reapply every two weeks. Safe for use on all lawns, fruits, vegetables, ornamentals and around pets.
  • Remains effective despite irrigation and rain.

Pest Control

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