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10220 Tower Garden 20 Sites

Price: 319.90

Tower Garden

Unique design lets you grow up to 20 plants in a vertical system that stands 4-foot tall. This pole of plants sits on a swivel base that can easily be turned to reach the plants on the opposite side.

  • The unique design of the 20-Site Tower Garden stacks plant sites vertically, allowing more plant production per square foot while keeping delicate root structures insulated.
  • The Tower Garden utilizes the Nutrient Film Technique so growing medium is not required however starter plugs or mini-grow cubes fit plant sites perfectly and may simplify startup.
  • System comes complete with 5, four-site growing chambers equipped with built-in plumbing for easy set-up, top and base reservoirs, tubing, pump, swivel assembly, and 20 root baskets.
  • If you're faced with limited floor space for your indoor growing hobby, the Tower Garden gives you a large amount of garden space with just a small footprint.
  • There are 5 stackable growing chambers - each with 4 plant sites.
  • The height can be manipulated by the number of chambers used.
  • The Tower Garden is perfect for outdoor gardening in particular strawberries!
  • Similar "vertical column" hydroponics systems are used by commercial growers for strawberries because they're so crazy productive.
  • Utilizes NFT (Nutrient Film Technique) so growing medium is not required, however starter plugs or mini-grow cubes fit the plant sites perfectly and may simplify startup.
  • When using the Tower Garden outdoors, some type of growing medium is recommended to help prevent evaporation and further stabilize plants from stronger winds.
The Tower Garden comes complete with:
  • 5 four-site insulated growing chambers with built-in plumbing
  • Top and Base reservoirs
  • Tubing
  • Pump
  • Swivel assembly
  • 20 root baskets

Hydroponic Systems

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