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Hydroponic Books

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10133 Gardening Indoors w/Soil & Hydroponics

Price: 23.90

Gardening Indoors w/Soil & Hydroponics

  • The fifth and latest edition in George F.Van Patten’s authoritative and engaging series, Gardening Indoors with Soil and Hydroponics is packed with all-new information that all Gardeners will find useful, whether they’re novices or seasoned green thumbs.
  • From seeding to harvest and every step in between, this impressive volume illustrates its lessons with over 670 full-color photographs, easy to- read charts and graphs, and simple lessons that eschew technical jargon so gardeners of any experience level can take advantage of them.

10134 How-To Hydroponics

Price: 23.90

How-To Hydroponics

  • This completely revised, fourth edition of How-To Hydroponics by Keith Roberto covers hydroponics gardening in great detail and includes plans for building state of- the-art hydroponics systems from scratch.
  • The paperback features crisp black and white photos and illustrations and has helped thousands get started with hydroponics.
  • How-To Hydroponics continues to be a perennial bestseller.

10135 Hydroponic Basics Book

Price: 4.90

HB900 Hydroponic Basics

  • Hydroponic Basics is 80 full-color pages covering the nuts and bolts of gardening indoors with hydroponics.
  • Renowned indoor gardening authority George Van Patten discusses general plant science, growing media, hydroponic systems, pest and disease diagnosis and prevention, environmental control, and more.

10136 Hydroponic Tomatoes Book

Price: 14.90

Hydroponic Tomatoes

  • Home-grown tomatoes . . . large, red-ripe, deliciously aromatic and full of flavor!
  • They can be yours again with modern hydroponic methods designed for home gardeners by one of America's foremost hydroponics experts.
  • You don't need previous experience. Your advantages (besides great tomatoes!) include freedom from harmful pesticides, bothersome weeds and insects, plus ease and pleasure in tending the garden.
  • And you can enjoy your tomatoes sooner . . . tomatoes rich in vitamins and minerals and great taste!
  • Step-by-step instructions, with many clear, "show-me-how" illustrations, both photographs and drawings.
  • Paperback: 144 pages
  • Publisher: Woodbridge Press Publishing Company (March 1993)
  • Review misleads readers. I will address the two specific criticisms: Bad chemistry? Resh very carefully explains the concept of PH ( the reviewer missed this)-reference to a PH of 4.0 as very acidic was relative to the PH needs of tomatoes and, in fact, 4.0 is very acidic for a tomato (just a fact of life, not bad chemistry). Sulphuric acid for novices? Resh talks about sulphuric acid/hydroxides because they are, indeed, used within hydroponics (see hydroponic supply web sites). However, he is very clear that he does not recommend their use and lists the same reasons given by the reviewer (somehow the reviewer overlooked this also).Resh goes on to recommend specific safety measures for those who insist on their use.
  • The book is clearly written, well illustrated and extremely practical. I have read it twice and highly recommend it.

Hydroponic Books

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