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Grow Light Reflectors

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10035 Ultra Cool XL Grow Light Reflectors

Price: 0.00

Ultra Cool XL Grow Light Reflectors

  • Pebble-finish interior for an impressive 95% rate of reflection.
  • Each unit includes built-in flanges: six-inch for the Ultra Cool XL 6" & eight-inch for the Ultra Cool XL 8".
  • These reflectors also have a foam-lined tempered glass safety lens which makes them ideal candidates for inline ventilation & carbon dioxide supplementation.
  • Unique metal brackets help form the air-tight seal once the lens is inserted.
  • The cordset mount can be & raised & lowered inside the Cool Junior & both Ultra Cool XL models to create the desired light spread.
  • An additional deflector accessory (included) enhances reflector performance by preventing light from escaping through the flange at the opposite end.
  • Reflector size 28"x 24"x 9-3/4".
  • Weight 23 lbs.

10099 Sunleaves ArcticSun Plug N' Play Reflectors

Price: 126.90

Sunleaves ArcticSun Plug N' Play Grow Light Reflector

  • Gardeners using the Sunleaves ArcticSun Plug N’ Play reflector in an enriched environment can easily exhaust excess heat without disturbing ambient CO2 levels.
  • This self-contained unit has built-in six-inch flanges & a safety lens which seals to the reflector to create a completely airtight system.
  • The ArcticSun also features a specular aluminum interior designed to further increase efficiency by maximizing light exposure.
  • “Plug ‘n Play” hard-wired mogul socket & a common plug that’s compatible with most manufacturers’ remote ballasts.
  • Measures 18 1/8” x 15 1/4” x 8”.

10100 Sunleaves Lightwave Reflector

Price: 29.90

Sunleaves Lightwave Reflector

  • Because it's as effective as it is affordable, the Sunleaves Lightwave Reflector is the perfect choice for beginners looking to boost lighting efficiency.
  • The specular aluminum reflector body is ultra-lightweight & diffuses light evenly to eliminate hot spots.
  • A great value for indoor gardening enthusiasts.
  • Measures 19-3/4” x 13-3/4” x 6-1/2”.

10101 Folding Wing Reflector

Price: 98.95

Folding Wing Reflector

  • The parabolic Folding Wing reflector delivers on its name by allowing complete adjustment of the “wings” so gardeners can focus the light exactly where they need it.
  • The uniquely designed Folding Wing offers a chrome-pebbled reflective surface & includes mounting brackets to secure a lamp holder (available separately).
  • Assembly of the Folding Wing is required.
  • Measures 45” x 27"

10102 Heat Buster Max Grow Reflector

Price: 78.90

Heat Buster Max Grow Light Reflector

  • The Heat Buster Max is an octagonal-shaped reflector designed to vent rising heat through its center.
  • The reflective pebble-finished interior of the Heat Buster Max encourages output uniformity & the universal mounting bracket supports most HID lamp holders (sold separately).
  • Quick & easy assembly of the Heat Buster Max is required prior to installation.
  • Measures 25-3/4'' x 25-3/4'' x 6''

10223 Sunleaves Sunspot 6 in. Plug ‘N Play Reflector

Price: 119.90

Sunleaves Sunspot Plug ‘N Play 6" Grow Light Reflector

  • Sunleaves Sunspot 6 Plug ‘N Play Reflectors offer performance and great compatibility without the cost of other reflectors.
  • Heavy-duty housing, enamel-coated exterior finish, specular German Alanod interior for maximum light exposure, and a socket mounting bracket designed to maximize airflow through vents.
  • Perfectly suited for gardens with carbon dioxide enrichment, they feature a hinged lens enclosure that provides a completely airtight seal.
  • Best of all, they’re pre-wired with a fixed socket that’s compatible with the industry standard Common Outlet.
  • Measures 19-3/4" x 21" x 8-3/4".

10225 SSL190 Sunleaves Sunspot Lens

Price: 18.20

SSL190 Sunleaves Sunspot Lens

  • SSL190 Sunleaves Sunspot Lens
  • The Sunleaves Sunspot Lens fastens securely into the Sunleaves Sunspot Reflector to protect the lamp from stray water droplets and allow plants to grow closer to the light source without scorching.
  • Measures 19-3/4” x 21".

10227 Sunleaves Reflector Hardware

Price: 2.00

SRH190 Sunleaves Reflector Hardware

  • Sunleaves Reflector Hardware is tailor-made for Sunleaves HID reflectors.
  • Dependable construction means you won’t have to worry about the stability of your lights.
  • Includes two metal hangers and additional hardware.

Grow Light Reflectors

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