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Bonsai Information

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The Living Art of Bonsai Professor Amy Liang

Price: 24.95

This is the book to display on your coffee table. With 288 color pages it is one of the best books ever written on the subject of bonsai and includes a breathtaking photo gallery of bonsai, basic styles, group plantings, plant physiology, cultivation, propagation, transplanting and repotting and training and dwarfing -- in other words, everything the bonsai grower needs to know" 288 pages all in full color 81/2" x 111/4" ISBN 0-8069-8781-2 Shipped via UPS ground - $7.95

Bonsai Video Instructional Guide

Price: 19.95

Produced by the Brooklyn Botanical Garden. Excellent instructional guide for the individual. Watch repeatedly to learn general care, culture, shaping and pruning in exacting detail. 22 minutes long. Shipped via UPS - ground - $7.95.

Indoor Bonsai Brooklyn Botanic Gardens

Price: 9.95

Brooklyn Botanic Gardens. Tips on growing bonsai indoors, lighting humidity, trimming, training and wiring. An indispensable encyclopedia of 100 great plants for indoor bonsai. An illustrated guide to bonsai styles. How to grow bonsai under lights. What to do with bonsai when you go on vacation. 96 pages 6" x 9" - soft cover ISBN: 0945352-58-1 Shipped via UPS ground - $7.95.

Bonsai Basics Christian Pessey and Remy Samson

Price: 12.95

By Christian Pessey and Remy Samson. Very popular beginner book since its introduction in 1993. Easy-to-follow training techniques for pruning and wiring. Expert advice on repotting, watering and feeding. Over 200 color photographs with numerous line drawings. 120 pages 6 1/4" x 10 1/4" - soft cover ISBN 0806903279. Shipped via UPS ground - $7.95.

Simon & Shuster's Guide to Bonsai Gianfranco Giorgi

Price: 16.95

By Gianfranco Giorgi. Specifics on re-potting, pruning, wiring, and feeding 124 varieties. Summary of genera suitable for bonsai training 256 pages,over 100 color photographs 4 1/2" x 7 1/2" - soft cover ISBN: 0671734881 Shipped via UPS ground - $7.95.

Bonsai Editors of Sunset Books

Price: 17.95

By the Editors of Sunset Books. Excellent introduction to art and technique. Step by step photos illustrate plaiting, training and care. 96 pages 8 1/4" x 10 3/4" - soft cover ISBN: 0376030453. Shipped via UPS ground - $7.95.

Wire Tree Sculpture Book by Sal Villano

Price: 11.95

Complete step-by-step book with fully illustrated instructions on how to make your own Tree sculptures. 56 pages includes the artists name, address and telephone number along with his email address. Shipped via UPS ground - $7.95.

The Bonsai Handbook By David Prescott & Colin Lewis

Price: 24.95

The Bonsai Handbook is the essential, modern, practical guide to this ancient art. This finely detailed book combines expertly drawn step by step artwork with beautiful full color photographs. Clear descriptions highlight every facet of the practice of bonsai. Both the author and consultant editor are award winning bonsai experts, and their passion and involvement are so apparent that it is impossible to read this book without wanting to rush out and plant a seedling or dig up a mature tree to make a start on its long training. Hardcover, color photographs and sketches 160 pages Shipped via UPS Ground - $8.95

Bonsai Information

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