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Bonsai Accessories

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B. Drainage Hole Covers

Price: 2.95

B. Fiberglass drainage hole covers. Used to prevent soil from washing out of the container. Approximately 1" square Package of 12, 2.95 Shipped via UPS ground - $7.95.

Bonsai Turntable Indoor or Outdoor

Price: 39.95

The construction of this turntable lends itself to outdoor as well as indooruse. Steel ball bearings are well protected from moisture to resist rusting,and a large coin-slot screw provides ready access for cleaning and maintenance. A convenient thumb-screw locks the table in the desired position when working and displaying bonsai. 6" diameter grained top surface reduces slipping and holds over 25 pounds without binding. Black ABS plastic 7-1/4" diameter top 8" diameter base 1-5/8" high. Shipped via UPS ground- $7.95.

Hanes Bonsai Tee Shirt

Price: 11.95

Your favorite bonsai artisan will proudly display this colorful "Bonsai Master in Training" T-Shirt screened in five (5) colors. White, pre-shrunken, heavyweight 50/50. Sizes: XL (46-48) Select size at checkout. Shipped via UPS ground - $7.95.

Mini Pump

Price: 24.95

For those do-it-your-selfers who want to create their own table-top fountain or bonsai waterfall design, we have the perfect pump: High performance multi-use submersible pump with adjustable flow. Provides exceptional pumping capacity with the smallest possible size(106gph). Noiseless, minimum maintenance, motor self protected against overheating, minimum power consumption. The unique, parrallel arrangement of the electric cord and output permits easy installation in highly restricted areas. Can be operated flat 1 1/4" or upright 2 1/4" in as little as 1 1/4" of water (centimeters). The output tube is not rigidly connected and can be twisted to allow installation without twisting any flexible tubing that may be connected. A suction cup support is provided for a more stable and silent operation. We use them in our waterfalls and table-top fountains. Made in Italy. Shipped via UPS ground - $7.95.

Humidity Tray Pebbles

Price: 2.95

River pebbles to be placed in the humidity tray in order to raise the pot out of the water. 8oz Shipped via UPS ground - $7.95.

Decorative Landscape Pebbles

Price: 3.95

Mixture of decorative earthtone non-toxic pebbles to place on top of the soil for a complete landscaped appearance. Shipped via UPS ground - 7.95.

Watering Can

Price: 19.95

(2 Liter) Great for bonsai trees outdoor or indoor. Allows water to be dispensed very gently from the many fine drainage holes in the spout. 12" tall - 14" wide Shipped via UPS Ground - $9.95.

Mist Bottle

Price: 4.95

(12 oz) Use to mist trees when indoors in order to increase the level of humidity. Shipped via UPS ground - $7.95.

Plastic House Label 1"x1" writing surface

Price: 0.95

Plastic house label. Tan color. Pencil or magic marker can be used on the 1"x1" writing surface. Shipped via UPS ground - $7.95. Free shipping with tree order.

Bamboo Screen - 11"x3"x10"

Price: 29.95

Handmade bamboo screen with handpainted colorful floral designs. 11"x3"x10". Shipped via UPS ground - $7.95. Free shipping with tree order.

Mini Folding Screen-Marble

Price: 39.95

Marble mini screen with pictures of panda bears on one side and wild horses on the other. 9 1/2" x 7" Shipped via UPS ground - $7.95

Mist n' Pour

Price: 14.95

Taking care of your bonsai trees and house plants is now a lot easier with Mist n' Pour, a spray bottle with a spout. You can water and mist at the same time without additional equipment. The bottle's ergonomic design provides an easy, natural hold for extra comfort and control. The large capacity container will hold 40 fluid ounces and features both metric and ounce calibrations -- allowing plant foods, pesticides and herbicides to be measured and mixed right inside the bottle. Shipped via UPS ground - $7.95.

Fogger Indoor Water Fountain Fogger

Price: 49.95

Give your indoor fountain a more tropical look! It works like a humidifier ... ultrasonic vibrations make the water turn into "cool steam". In addition to providing fog for beauty and atmosphere it is also a wonderful aromatherapy diffuser. Just add a drop or two of scented oil (lavender, eucalyptus etc.) into the water and the fragrance will carry throughout the room. - Fog fills up to a 12" diameter container approx 4"-5" high - 1"x2" - UL listed transformer and instructions included - input voltage 115 VAC 60 HZ - output voltage 36 VAC - output electric current 1.2A - Shuts off automatically when not submerged or when water level gets too low. - 30 day guaranty Shipped UPS Ground - $7.95

Lava Rock with Tray 8" x 6 1/2" rock / 12" round tray

Price: 34.95

Red lava rock (pumice stone) is imported from Israel and comes from Mount Arrat. The stone gets its deep colors from the mountainŠs natural iron ore deposits. We bore a hole in the rock and saw flat the bottom of the stone. Since lava rock is porous, it serves the same purpose as a bonsai pot. The humidity tray which is included serves as a drip tray to protect a table's surface. Shipped UPS Ground - $10.95.

Copper Watering Can - 1 Pint

Price: 59.95

A beautifully designed watering can imported from England which is constructed from a sheet of pure copper -- rolled and shaped in the unique English style. The can is supplied with a very fine brass rose which is fitted with the perforated head facing up in order to provide the most gentle spray for your bonsai, household plants or delicate seedlings. 1 Pint. Shipped via UPS ground - $8.95.

Bonsai Accessories

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