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Green Yard Trash Bags

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Green Yard Trash Bags

BioBag Lawn & Leaf Waste Bags

Price: 5.19

Bio Bags Lawn & Leaf bags are a full 33 gallon capacity, measuring 32.5 inches wide and 39 inches tall. These Lawn & Leaf bags are durable and sturdy enough to handle the toughest yard jobs. They even come with a removable tear-strip at the top of each bag for easy tying.
Many communities have banned the use of regular plastic bags for yard waste removal, because polyethylene-based plastic bags can not be composted with the yard waste or burned. Until now the alternative has been paper bags. Studies show paper bags are difficult for consumers to use and store, have a limited fill capacity (usually 28 gallons), and do not hold up well in wet weather. Usage testing confirms that consumers significantly prefer Bio Bags Lawn & Leaf bags to paper bags for the collection of yard waste.
Consumers like that fact that Bio Bags give, allowing more waste to be collected per bag. They also prefer bags made from corn to either bags made from trees or petroleum. Bio Bags Lawn & Leaf bags can be set at curbside for up to 12 days before the collected waste will begin to break the bag down. We strongly recommend that wet grass clippings be left on the lawn, where the clippings will quickly biodegrade and add nutrient value to your lawn. Placing wet grass clippings in either a paper bag or a Bio Bags can stimulate bag decomposition within three or four days.

Made from cornstarch, these bags help to eliminate regular plastic bags from our environment. When disposed, Bio Bags will biodegrade as naturally as food scraps, leaving no harmful residue. No Polyethylene is used in the production of this product. Bio Bags bags are GMO (Genetically Modified Organism) free, certified for use in organic agriculture.
These bags come in boxes of 5 bags per box, 12 boxes per case (60 bags in a case).

Measurements of bag: 32.5" wide and 39" long
Mil Rate Thickness is 0.92mm
Overview and detail:
1). 100% biodegradable and compostable
2). No polyethylene is used in the production process.
3). Naturally, bags made from corn instead of polyethylene is a major advance in environmental technology.
4). Only GMO free certified corn is used.
5). Soy-based inks and dyes are CEN certified for restricted use of heavy metals.
6). DEBIO certified for use in organic agriculture.
7). Certified by the Biodegradable Products Institute to meet the ASTM D6400 specification. Meets California SB 1749 requirements.
8). Shelf stable, just like paper plates or paper towels. There are no chemical additives to enhance decomposition. The bags biodegrade naturally when expose to the earth's elements and micro-organisms in the soil.
9). They "breathe", which allows heat and moisture to escape or evaporate. This feature reduces bacterial build-up of collected waste, thus reducing odor.
10). Will decompose in a controlled composting environment in 10-45 days, leaving no harmful residues behind.

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BioBag MaxAir II Composting Buckets

Price: 11.99

If you want fresh food waste for your backyard compost and an odor-free kitchen, try using our Bio Bags 3 gallon waste bags with this ventilated Max Air food waste bucket.

Kitchen food waste can build up bacterial odor quickly when collected in a solid plastic or ceramic pail. The reason is food waste creates heat and moisture that can not escape when placed in these closed containers. Many modern collection pails contain charcoal filters or other devices to help mask the odor, but do little to slow the rotting process. The Max Air buckets are ventilated on all sides, including the top and bottom, allowing food waste to breathe.

The Max Air buckets are attractive for countertop placement and are also hinged if you wish to hang the bucket inside the door of your kitchen sink. The companion Bio Bags waste bags breathe naturally, allowing heat and moisture to escape or evaporate. This process allows food waste to dry, thus reducing the rate of bacterial build-up which causes odor. Combining the Max Air composting bucket with BioBags waste bags, you have the ultimate system for food waste collection.
Note: Max Air II bucket is a dark green color - not beige color pictured in photo.

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CobraHead Weeder and Cultivator

Price: 23.50

The CobraHead???? precision weeder and cultivator is the closest thing to a universal garden tool. Its blade is a steel fingernail that becomes an extension of your hand. It weeds, cultivates, scalps, edges, digs, furrows, plants, transplants, de-thatches, and harvests with ease.

The CobraHead???? out-weeds and out-digs all similar tools. The time proven blade design breaks up and plows almost any soil. The comfortable and efficient handle allows easy left-hand or right-hand action.

This tool is a precision weeder and cultivator, planter and transplanter and the most versatile small garden tool available.

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Solar LED Lights

Price: 114.00

Solar efficiency and modern accent lighting combined. Utilizing quality Nichia LEDs and capacitor technology, Solar Cynergy offers high end architectural and landscape lighting for your home.

Removed from view and embedded beneath the scratch resistant polycarbonate resin surfaces, the solar panels cycle power to a capacitor that charges during the day and automatically illuminates the LEDs at nightfall via a photo sensor.

Each self-contained fixture allows for easy installation with no messy wiring and is ideal for accenting pathways, gardens, pools and custom landscapes. All fixtures are weather resilient, capable of being driven over and are protected by a 10 year manufacturers warranty.

- Solar Cynergy is available in green, blue, red, white and halogen white.
- Three shapes include circular, square and rectangle
- You can buy them as a single light or case of six.

Circular - 3.1" Diameter by 2.3"
Square - 3.8" by 3.8" and 2.3"
Rectangular - 7.7" by 3.8" and 2.3"

Made in Japan - Quality Nichia 10 milli watt LEDs - No Battery (Capacitor Technology) - 10 Year Warranty with 25+ year lifetime expectancy - Weather resilient - Drive over - Working Temperatures: -4 degrees to 158 F

Perfect accent for landscapes, pathways, driveways.

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Green Yard Trash Bags

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