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Wall Sculptures

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Wall Sculptures
Aluminum Wire Tree of Life Wall Sculpture - $74.99

Aluminum weaves and twists in a seemingly nonstop maze of wire, building upon itself to form a work of art for your home.

Copper Bonefish Wall Sculpture - $109.99

The perfect mix of handmade artistry and nautical symbolism, the bone fish wall sculpture is an alluring addition to any indoor or outdoor wall. Handcrafted entirely of copper in the USA, the raw metal is annealed, hammered, and torched to provide the unique fish skeleton with texture and patina. An application of glossy UV-resistant coating protects the original sculpture. Measures 19-inches long.

Carved Wooden Heron/Egret Wall Sculpture - $119.99

Perched majestically atop natural Florida driftwood stands a white heron, whose classic curved shape merges beautifully with twisting, rugged driftwood. Individually hand-carved of quality hardwood, the heron sculpture is handcrafted in the USA and ready to hang.

Sandpipers on Driftwood Wall Sculpture - $49.99

A favorite bird among coastal regions, the sandpiper provides a wonderful addition to any room with a nautical theme - the horizontal shape works well above doorways or alongside other coastal accents. Cast in durable resin, the three sandpiper birds are handpainted and arranged atop authentic Florida driftwood. Due to the natural variation of the driftwood, the size will vary slightly, but will measure approximately 20". Handmade in the USA.

Red Birds in a Tree Copper Wall Sculpture - Indoor or Outdoor - $74.99

Handmade entirely of copper in the USA, two lively red birds perched in a tree are provided with vivid transparent color that blends beautifully with the torch finish and patina of the copper leaves. An application of glossy UV-resistant coating protects the copper patina, allowing the sculpture to adorn your indoor or outdoor space. Hangs securely upon two copper ring hangers.

Bonefish Indoor/Outdoor Metal Wall Sculpture - $36.99

An updated version of a familiar and favorite tribal symbol, this contemporary Bonefish Sculpture livens up any outdoor garden wall! Made in the USA, the unique bonefish shape is cut from steel with a rusty finish that will continue to patina over time. Best of all, the unique design allows the direction of the fish to be reversed. Measures 23" long; OK for Indoor or outdoor use.

Copper Butterfly Wall Sculpture in Green - Indoor/Outdoor - $72.99

Indoors or outdoors, butterflies add the perfect touch of vibrant color for your wall! Handcrafted entirely of copper in the mountains of North Carolina, the butterfly is provided with a vivid green color patina and torch finish, while a final application of glossy UV-resistant coating protects the butterfly's color from weather's elements. A ring hanger allows the butterfly to be hung at multiple angles. 15-inch wingspan.

Wall Sculptures

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